Full service digital strategy

Audit & strategy

Starting from an in-depth investigation of the target audience and market, our strategists define a personalized and tailored approach to achieve your goals.

Brand design

From the logo to the email signatures, we design or renew your coordinated image in every aspects and in all possible variations, both online and offline.

Video & graphic

Our focus is on the content’s quality, which must not only attract attention and be technically flawless but also inform, engage, and build loyalty.

Website & e-commerce

We create responsive websites and online shops with a modern design, paying particular attention to the quality of graphics and SEO optimization.

Copywriting & Translations

Texts for brochures in various languages, technical articles for the company blog, persuasive copy for websites, and social media posts: whatever the channel and language you communicate in, our team of copywriters can create (or rework) texts to maximize effectiveness.

Media relations

the relationships they have cultivated in various sectors with influencers, bloggers, and print journalists), we can convey our clients’ contents so that it is effectively evaluated and often transformed into press articles.

Social media marketing

We manage and optimize your social channels by creating engaging content that guides the user through the sales funnel, leading them to the desired conversion.

Social & google advertising

We set up and monitor highly targeted promotional campaigns on both social media and Google, identifying the most performing keywords and conducting continuous tests to optimize performance.

Increasing business contacts through lead generation


Marketing today always involves creating a message that attracts the targeted audience into a “funnel” journey and leads them into taking the desired action in the most linear and intuitive way possible.


This process involves a wide range of skills, each of which is responsible for managing and optimizing a specific phase of the funnel (social media marketing, Google advertising, SEO, user experience design, web development, data analysis).


Mayonese, with its network of specialists with years of marketing and content production experience, can seamlessly manage all phases of the funnel, ensuring communicative consistency and avoiding resource, time, and budget waste.

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