A story of progress – Luca Barilla


What does Progress mean for Luca Barilla?

It is ‘the combination of very important values such as consistency, respect for others, respect for the community and now more than ever, respect for the environment.’






Luca Barilla, vice president of Barilla, the leading Italian multinational company in the food sector, is the narrator of this video storytelling for the Audi e-tron GT.






To narrate Luca Barilla’s vision by combining Audi’s value touchpoints with emotional storytelling on multiple levels.



“How important is it for a brand to know how to tell its story?”

“What is Progress, and how much does it impact the well-being of a Community?”



Showcasing the strength of brands that stand out in the market: being spokespersons for specific values, translating a future vision into a story, adopting sustainable attitudes, embracing technological innovation.



Because ‘people don’t buy what we do, they buy why we do it’.”


Emotional Movie



The client

Gruppo Eurocars – Autocentro Baistrocchi


Agency: Mayonese


Director – Sebastian Corradi
Copywriting – Sebastian Corradi, Francesco Baistrocchi
Dop/Color – Jacopo Niccoli
Camera Op. – Luca Martinelli
CameraCar Op. – Giacomo Azzali
Drone Pilot – Matteo Andreoli (Prisma FIlms)
Drone Op. – Mikael Masoero
Producer – Latino Pellegrini
Editing/Sound Design – Luca “German” Toffoli
Compositing – Luca Martinelli

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