Dallara Stradale – Autumn Rush


Dallara entrusts Mayonese with the concept and realization of a series of web content, photo & video about the Dallara Stradale; from this collaboration arises the video product Autumn Rush.





Dallara Group is an Italian company and a global leader in engineering consulting.

t is particularly known for its activities in the racing car sector, thanks to its excellent skills in design, research, and production of composite materials, Aerodynamics, and Vehicle Dynamics.





In recent years, the Engineering division, distinguished by innovation, technology, and quality, has attracted business from some of the most important names in the international automotive industry including Alfa Romeo, Audi, Bugatti, Ferrari, Porsche, KTM, Lamborghini, and Maserati.



Product video



The client

Dallara Group Srl


Agency: Mayonese – Film The Flow

Plot & Direction: Sebastian Corradi e Mikael Masoero

Op.Camera: Alessandro Di Fabrizio
Op.Camera Car: Dario Regina
Op. FPV e Drone: Gianmarco Gabriele
Ass.Camera: Luca “German” Toffoli e Dario Regina

Ass.Production: Francesca Chiari

Edit e Sound Design: Luca “German” Toffoli
Compositing: Luca Martinelli
Color grading: Andrea Sabatelli

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