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If you can stop time, you can look into the future


Dallara entrusts Mayonese with the creation of its new corporate video, moving away from the classic concept of corporate videos to open up the group’s communication to a modern storytelling style. This aims to highlight the perfect blend of history and innovation, characteristics that make the company unique in the global landscape





Dallara Group is an Italian company and a global leader in engineering consulting.

Its activities are particularly well-known in the racing car sector, thanks to its excellent expertise in design, research and production of composite materials, aerodynamics, and vehicle dynamics.





The need was to tell the story of a unique player in the global engineering landscape, moving beyond the classic standards of corporate videos to embrace a more modern storytelling that emotionally conveys a company that places innovation at its core.




A journey, paced by the ticking of a racing stopwatch. Through flashbacks and time ellipses, the narrative underscores both the brand’s historical significance and its strong avant-garde footprint.



Video Corporate



The client

Dallara Group Srl


Agency: Mayonese – Film The Flow

Copywriter: Mikael Masoero, Valentina Barzago
Directors: Sebastian Corradi, Mikael Masoero

Camera Operator: Mikael Masoero, Jacopo Niccoli, Luca Martinelli
Drone Operator: Sebastian Corradi
Camera Assistant: Luca “German” Toffoli

Ass.Production: Francesca Chiari

Edit & Sound Design: Luca “German” Toffoli
Compositing: Luca Martinelli
Color grading: Andrea Sabatelli

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