420 Regina – video teaser


We have created the presentation teaser for the third model of the Regina Yacht range, distributed for the first time during the inauguration of the new FIM production plant.






FIM (Fabbrica Italiana Motori), winner of the “World Yacht Trophy: Revelation of the Year 2022” at Cannes, is a company in the Luxury – Yacht sector. It aims to combine the Italian style of the “Dolce Vita” with international design and ensure the high standards of quality that have made their shipyards known worldwide.





To create a video product that, through a subtle interplay of parallels with the world of chess and the power of the queen, conveys the emotions of a sporty and elegant yacht.


Video Teaser



The client

FIM – Fabbrica Italiana Motoscafi


Agency: Mayonese


Creative Direction – Sebastian Corradi
DOP – Jacopo Niccoli
Edit – Luca “German” Toffoli
3D/VFX – Salvatore Palombella
Account Manager – Francesca Chiari

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