OptiLine Duolock overview video


On the occasion of the Optiline brand rebranding, as part of their long-term Full-Service management (Link to Case History), we created the Overview video of the Duolock products selection.




With over 20,000 references and significant investments in improving warehouse logistics, Lampa S.p.a. is one of the national and international reference points in the accessories sector.


The wide range and variety of merchandise sectors covered led to the need of creating specific brands with specific target audiences.


Among these stands out Optiline, a range of mounts and cases for attaching smartphones and other devices to the handlebars (and more) of one’s motorcycle, bike, or car.




To showcase the selection of mobile accessories for motorcycles and bikes through a dynamic and captivating storytelling, highlighting the versatility of the patented Duolock attachment-release system.


Social Adv


Mobile Accessories

The client

Lampa Spa


Agency: Mayonese


Dir. – Sebastian Corradi
Dop -Mikael Masoero
Camera Op. – Giacomo Azzali
FPV Drone Op. – Mikael Masoero
Editing/Sound Design – Luca “German” Toffoli
Compositing – Luca Martinelli
Color – Jacopo Niccoli

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