Porsche Dreamers On / Simona Atzori [extended version]


Simona Atzori is the protagonist of the emotional video created for Eurocar Group, in collaboration with Porsche Italy, and included in the national DreamersOn campaign.


The production was entirely conceived and executed by Mayonese and Dabun Films as part of the FilmTheFlow project: a network of visual communication professionals who have combined their know-how, developed over years of collaboration with some of the most important international brands in the automotive sector.






“I do it in a special way, using what I have: two feet and a smile.”


We told the story of Simona Atzori’s art and how, despite being born without arms, she pursued her dreams to become a classical dancer, painter, and writer.






To narrate the central themes of the “Dreamers On” project, which are challenges, obstacles, and dreams, in order to inspire and support the new generations to fight for their achievement.


Emotional Movie



The client

Gruppo Eurocar – Autocentro Baistrocchi


Agency: Mayonese


Talent: Simona Atzori

Written & Directed: Sebastian Corradi
Script: Simona Atzori, Sebastian Corradi, Mikael Masoero


DOP: Mikael Masoero
Op.Camera #1: Luca Martinelli
Op.Camera #2: Jacopo Niccoli
Ass.Camera: Gabriele Gabbi
Make up artist: Giorgia Blancato
Sound engineer : Carlo Izzo
Ass.Production: Francesca Chiari


Edit: Luca “German” Toffoli
Compositing: Luca Martinelli
Sound Design: Francesco Rabaglia
Color grading: Andrea Sabatelli

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